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Maximum Reliability & Excellent Value

With a SERIES 300 Transfer Switch, you get a product backed by ASCO Power Technologies, the industry leader responsible for virtually every major technological advance in the Transfer Switch industry.

The ASCO SERIES 300 was designed for one purpose–to automatically transfer critical loads in the event of a power outage. Each and every standard component was designed by ASCO engineers for this purpose.

The rugged construction and proven performance of the ASCO SERIES 300 assure the user of many years of complete reliability. The SERIES 300 is even designed to handle the extraordinary demands placed on the switch when starting or restarting stalled motors and switching high inrush loads.

ASCO’s SERIES 300 modular, compact design makes it easy to install, inspect and maintain. All parts are accessible from the front so switch contacts can be easily inspected.

Product Features

The SERIES 300 is listed to UL 1008 standard for Transfer Switch Equipment and CSA standard C22.2 for automatic transfer switches.
Meets NFPA 110 for Emergency and Standby Power Systems and the National Electrical Code (NEC) Articles 700, 701 and 702.
Controller is RoHS Compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).
30 through 3000 amps in a compact design.
Available to 600 VAC, single or three phase.
True double-throw operation: The single solenoid design is inherently inter locked and prevents contacts from stopping between sources or from being in contact with both sources at the same time.
There’s no danger of the SERIES 300 ATS transferring loads to a dead source because the unique ASCO single-solenoid operator derives power to operate from the source to which the load is being transferred.
Easy to navigate 128x64 graphical LCD display with keypad provides LED indicators for switch position, source availability, not in auto, and alert condition.
Integrated multilingual user interface for configuration and monitoring.
Delayed transition operation is now available (Dual Operator Configuration).
Non-automatic operation can be selected using the key pad without opening enclosure door.
Relay expansion module with extra relays for accessory outputs (Optional).
Includes soft keys for test function and time delay bypass as standard features.
Historical event log (Optional).
Statistical ATS system monitoring information.
Diagnostic Functions.
Password protection to prevent unauthorized tampering of settings.
Adjustable time-delay feature prevents switch from being activated due to momentary utility power outages and generator dips.
Supplied with solid neutral termination.
Optional switched neutral pole available.
Field modification accessory kits available.
Available for immediate delivery.

Designed to Fit Anywhere

The ASCO SERIES 300 product line represents the most compact design of automatic power transfer switches in the industry. With space in electrical closets being at a premium, the use of wall or floor-mounted ASCO Power Transfer Switches assures designers optimum utilization of space.

All transfer switches through 2000 amps are designed to be completely front accessible. This permits the enclosures to be installed flush to the wall and still allows installation of all power cabling and connections from the front of the switch. Cable entrance plates are also standard on the 1600 and 2000 amp units to install optional side-mounted pull boxes for additional cable bending space.

Series 300 Microprocessor Controller

Microprocessor Controller

Door-Mounted Control & Display Panel

The new Group G controller offers an intuitive, easy to navigate 128*64 graphical LCD display with soft keypad and provides (6) LED indica­tors

Switch Position (green for normal, red for emergency LED)
Source Availability (green for normal, red for emergency LED)
“Not In Auto” (amber LED)
Common Alarm (amber LED)

The ASCO group “G” controller is self-contained with an integrated display (no other components are required for efficient operation).

The controller allows for open or delayed transition transfer operation (both au­tomatic and non-automatic configurations).

Integrated multilingual user interface for configuration and monitoring (this design approach allows greater application flexibility).
Multiple source sensing capabilities of volt­age, frequency (under frequency sensing on normal and emergency sources), and optional current card, single and three phase (Does not require an external me­tering device).

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