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ENGINAR was founded in 1995 by group of engineers after almost decade of experience in sale, marketing and services. We carefully select product, equipment and system to market in territory together with our strong service capability. We focus on limited products to ensure that perfect service and responsibility are provided to every customer. Our product line can be described as followed.

True - Automatic Transfer Switch
Synchronizing Panel
Peak Shaving Panel
Surge Arrestor

C – Bus  Lighting Control System

Intelligent Car Parking Guidance System

Our turnover has been growing since the establishment and we will still continue such growth as well as the service we intend to provide to the customers.

From more than a decade of providing and servicing products, we are the only True ATS and Lighting Management System supplier in Thailand who sufficiently provides total solution since Pre-sale till After Sale including commissioning. Perfect service is one of our philosophies and it cannot be compromised at all for us. Therefore, we are the only ATS supplier that provides 24 hours services in Thailand.

Moreover, ENGINAR was the first one who has explored and introduced technical knowledge of True-ATS to Thai engineering market since 1995. This contribution made Thai engineers started to know the new code, IEC 947-6 and realize in necessary of using true-ATS until the market gradually switches to a new code. ENGINAR emphasizes in having deep and detailed product knowledge with flawless service performance and this is the reason of we are the only ATS provider who offers 24 hours services in Thailand. 


MR. SA-NGEAM KLOMCHITCHAROEN - Managing Director (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering)
MR. CHAIRAT TANGTIVAJA - General Manager (Bachelor of Electrical Engineering)

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